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CORE Group, founded in 1997, is the only player in the global community health field that convenes practitioners and public health professionals to share knowledge, evidence, and best practices, and then translates these into the real world with a direct impact.

CORE Group has more than 250 Members, including Ministry of Health representatives, civil society organizations and NGOs, private sector companies, community health workers, universities, individual health experts, and students. Our broader International Community Health Network has approximately 15,000 professionals worldwide. Become a Member today to maximize your benefits!

The Benefits of Membership

Joining CORE Group as a member presents you with many unique opportunities to contribute to global community health impact. Whether it's co-chairing a working group, presenting during a virtual webinar, or sharing results from your most recent project on our mailing lists, CORE Group membership enables you to lead and influence, collaborate and expand your network, and strengthen technical skills and capacities, while pulling from CORE Group's excellent resources. 

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Membership Types

CORE Group offers three membership types: Organizational Member, Individual Member, and Student Member, enabling you to choose the correct membership type to match your profile. CORE Group benefits are available across all membership types, and all members play a valuable role in our International Community Health Network. Click below to find out more about which membership type would best suit you, and join the over 250 CORE Group members!

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